Dada Kitchen Design is Transforming Cooking Spaces

Dada has totally transformed the way of living in the kitchen. With sophisticated style Dada has reached a prestigious position in the design sector.

Every single detail is design oriented, starting from opening mechanisms to the material finishing, for a daily comfort. Dada Kitchens form a catalogue where every collection is characterized by a unique design always up with the latest trends.


Vincent Van Duysen

Vincent Van Duysen reinterprets the recessed handle detail in a modern and sophisticated key, working on the contrast between the slim side and end units and the considerable thickness of the worktops, which fit in, interrupting the linearity of the worktop, with stone sink bowls. The alternating materials and the interplay of solids and voids give rise to a dynamic and at once sophisticated kitchen.


Dante Bonuccelli

More than just a kitchen, it is a kitchen box that appears and disappears as if by magic when necessary. The large doors slide and fold, disappearing into the side compartments with a light and fluid movement, thanks to the exclusive patented mechanism by Dada kitchen design. The lighting is spectacular, with the back panel becoming a LED light wall.


Ferruccio Laviani

Hi-Line 6 is more than just a kitchen. It’s a space to live in. This space is organised with “esprit de géométrie” combined with rigorous shapes, richness of detail and care for quality in construction. The base units are taller, to hold more and better. Far from the classic concept of the kitchen, Hi-Line 6 allows for several composition options. No handles are used instead there is a finger recess to open and close the doors.