Light Style (Thailand) established in 2001, is the leading total lighting solutions provider for hospitality, residential, commercial as well as industrial application. We are committed to developing light solution that improve efficiency and comfort through advanced and innovative lighting luminaries and lighting control systems.

We believe that lighting can evoke all the senses and emotions in people. We believe everything feels better when properly lit, thus, we want to enhance experience through the use of light. We want to make people not only see the light but also make them feel the light.

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What We Do

As a leader in the industry, Light Style leads the way in providing complete solutions for various market segments.

We work with designers, consultants, and developers to provide lighting solutions that can meet even the most aesthetic and functional needs. Our aim is to provide optimal results in a wide range applications including indoor architectural lighting, façade lighting, landscape lighting and control systems.

At Light Style, we also pride ourselves on our ability to provide clients with customized decorative lighting of the highest quality. We advise on product designs, material selections, and costing from conceptualization to finished products, including using LED’s to create fascinating original decorative lighting fixtures. This drive to continually innovate has kept us amongst the leading firms in the customized lighting industry.

We operate from offices in Bangkok and Phuket, serving clients from Thailand and Southeast Asian region.