Preciosa has been practising the art of crystal cultivation since 1724. Three centuries of refining knowledge and craftsmanship have led to lighting pieces of masterly perfection. Based on original Bohemian traditions, contemporary voices and modern technology, Preciosa illuminates spaces with majestic sparkle, all over the world.

As well collections of classical heritage chandeliers and innovative interpretations, Preciosa also manages bespoke projects, creating completely unique crystal installations for palaces, residences, and super yachts alike. Preciosa’s knowledge, accumulated over centuries, its understanding of today’s needs, and its anticipation of the future are present in every detail.

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More About Us

Preciosa is not only a world leading glass manufacturer – skilled production is one part of a complete in-house service; from unique design concept to installation, everything is carefully developed under one roof to the very highest standards of craftsmanship and technical knowledge, with Preciosa’s added Bohemian majesty. Meeting the demands maritime lighting insists upon, and innovating for bespoke projects is what Preciosa excels at, bringing all parts of its rich expertise together.

Combining vast experience, heritage values, exquisite attention to detail and the desire to innovate, Preciosa works with clients to find the most perfect solution to their lighting needs, be they onshore or off.


Signature Designs

Signature Designs are authentic, timeless and celebrate design. Each one offers unlimited design possibilities including different scales, compositions, colours, materials and surface finishes, construction principles and illumination methods. Signature Designs make creating a customized light a convenient and intelligent way to incorporate tailored lighting into any design. We are inspired by the allure of crystal combined with light.


House of Skill

The history and art of traditional glassmaking can be found under one single roof in Crystal Valley. An unbelievable space of 900 square meters of creative energy and craftsmanship blows life into one of a kind objects and installations made out of glass of the highest quality, ingeniously penetrated by sources of light. The process is unbelievably complex and interdisciplinary, involving many different specializations and teams of experts in respective fields. Every manufactured piece is therefore touched by a number of skilled hands and imprinted with Bohemian heritage, strengthening its surface with authenticity and originality.


Lighting Up the Room

Manufactured objects and installations are not only a mere source of light, but also a significant source of atmosphere and first impressions. Ideas and projects need to be approached individually in order to create the desired impact for interiors varying in style and function. Lighting consultants are indispensable specialists who take all the aspects of the space and light into perspective to bring out the best features out of both. The atmosphere of the interior as a whole is what matters the most when assessing the final result.


The Magic is in the Details

The beauty of a chandelier consists of its smallest features. Each glass facet and crystal component is treated with care and precision that justifies its uniqueness. A steady hand and an eye for detail are essential for the elaborate process that transforms glass into a state of art. Even light installations hanging high above people’s heads are expected to impress the senses from all ends and angles. The act of finding the perfect colour hue that would complement the rest of the interior is equally important as anything else.