Rolf Benz

50 2 Seater sofa with 2 cushions

THB 498,620

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In the tradition of our design icon Addiform, Rolf Benz 50 is celebrating yet another superb achievement in the over 50-year history of producing premium, “Made in Germany” furniture. The exceptionally elegant anniversary sofa features superlative seating comfort, an innovative relax function and an outstanding variety of floor plan options. Numerous lovingly created details such as a new pleated quilting seam and meticulously crafted flat fell seams accentuate its accommodating elegance.


product dimension

Sofa: W254 D93 H81 cm.
Adjustable Cushion RUK-MA-V 50/74: W74 D11 H70 cm.
Cushion RUK 50/70 : W68 D8 H58 cm.


product material

Sofa : Leather in 38.106 (Green-Grey) 74x70 cm.
Adjustable Cushion : Fabric in 17.404 (Black Grey) 68 x 58 cm.
Cushion : Fabric in 18.802 (Iron grey) Smooth steel, powder coated Matt RAL 9017 Traffic Black

Designer name

Beck Design

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