VVD Kitchen

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Vincent Van Duysen reinterprets the recessed handle detail in a modern and sophisticated key, working on the contrast between the slim side and end units and the considerable thickness of the worktops, which fit in, interrupting the linearity of the worktop, with stone sink bowls. The alternating materials and the interplay of solids and voids give rise to a dynamic and at once sophisticated kitchen.
Generous pul l-out trays, open-ended drawers and under-top trolleys complete the project. An aluminum load-bearing structure allows compositions completely suspended from the floor.
Innovation is expressed with technological details such as the built-in LED strip light, the aluminum profile that discreetly designs the door handle, improving its grip and the innovative pivot hinge that allows the door to open 180°, making the internal space more usable. The kitchen gains a new architectural look, also thanks to Briht wall units, with transparent glass doors and soft-closing micro-hinges.


product dimension

W534.8xD351.6xH280.7 cm.


product material

ISLAND Finishing :
Door: Nebula Steel
Top: Travertino Titan Marble
Snack table: Graphite Oak
System XY: Pewter
VVD Trolley: Graphite Oak + Pewter

L363.2 x W117.6 x H94.8 cm Carcase: Slate
Skirting and finger recess: Pewter

PANTRY Finishing:
Door: Hybrid lacquer slate
Top: Travertino Titan Marble

Designer name

Vincent Van Duysen

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