Rettangolo is the most iconic Gessi bathroom collection, that started a powerful revolution in the design world by bringing the concepts of minimalism and formal beauty in the bath furnishing field. The elegant and squared lines designed by Prospero Rasulo in 2002 made Rettangolo an extraordinary product, that eighteen years after its birth keeps intact the class and refinement of a Made in Italy icon, for style and design. Rettangolo find in its basic shape an amazing and unexpected strength, a sturdy innovation that Gessi during the years managed to constantly develop, by creating a range of variations with extraordinary and communicative ability: Rettangolo J, T, XL, Rettangolo Cascata and Cascata Colour, the accessories and total look. All these collections were born from the same creative inspiration and are now proposed with an incredible variety of materials, finishes and technologies, that nowadays let Rettangolo take over the main stage in some of the most beautiful residential and hospitality projects.



The Icon generates a New Work of Art

Rettangolo is appropriately considered one icon; in fact, its form is so ideal it is capable

of giving life to a new unparalleled splendor when it is torn off to create K, the “subversive” Rettangolo, forever and again one revolutionary concept.

In life as in things, from a breaking or from a cut it can arise a renewal processes and a new ideal of beauty and perfection. Leaving the confidence of a design which was considered unchanging because perfect in its shape, Gessi dares to move beyond usual and strengthened, crushing the shape of Rettangolo with an oblique cut, a diagonal line breaking it and changing its silhouette, reshaping its iconic outline evoking a “K”. The result is astonishing: the object preserves its original harmony, but it is new, different and beautiful.

Fresh, Different and Beautiful

Breaks in objects, as those that occur in life, shall be treasured with a shining mark, as they result in the true essence of a story. This is why a disruption can generate an even more powerful form of beauty: what breaks, becomes more precious, as it is unique. This is very true for Rettangolo K. The design concept of the Line consists in cutting the celebrated solid body of the Rettangolo faucet with a transverse line that fractures it, subverting its iconic silhouette and creating an inedited angle.

A new light redesigns the illustrious silhouette of Rettangolo and the result is amazing: while the object retains the accomplished harmony of the original figure, it is fresh, different, and absolutely beautiful.

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2021 Collection