Euro Creations has brought Technogym home gym equipment to Thailand. Experience what Technogym can mean to your health and wellness at Euro Creations Gallery at Thonglor. Technogym translates the 30 years of research and product development into beautiful and high performance fitness and gym equipment, created with exclusive material and exquisite craftsmanship for home and wellness space.

Technogym, is the leading designer of fitness solutions and gym equipment trusted by professionals around the world. They are recognised the world over as “The Wellness Company®”. Together with its own business model – based on design, technology and services dedicated to physical activity, sport, health and illness prevention – it has made a strong, socially responsible commitment to promoting physical exercise as medicine.

Three Qualities to Create the Ultimate in Home Gym Equipment

Technogym combines three qualities in every piece of home gym equipment they produce. The qualities of superb design, scientific research, innovative technology are represented in the quality that Technogym brings to your home gym or workout corner.

Whether your goals are to improve your strength, increase your endurance and stamina, or expand your range of motion and flexibility, Technogym allows you to achieve your goals with style.

The design characteristics and innovative technology combine to create home gym equipment that is easy to use and offers the best results. The scientific research undertaken by Technogym means that every piece of equipment they create is providing the correct methods of achieving your exercise goals.

This devotion to improving their home gym equipment is the reason why Technogym is quickly becoming a sought-after brand all over the world.

Equipment to Meet All Needs and Lifestyles

Technogym started in the eighties. The philosophy behind the company at the time was to bring exercise out of the realm of the self-indulgent. They wanted to encourage people to understand this was also a life-sustaining, wellness practice that people could enjoy in the privacy of their own home.

They sought to pivot the focus of exercise away from being just a social occasion to be done at a gym. By creating gym equipment that would look good in your home, and be well-made and practical to use, they would accomplish their goal.

They began designing a range of equipment that would suit the needs and lifestyles of home exercise enthusiasts. By creating sleek and attractive pieces of home gym equipment, they satisfied their customer’s need for preserving a level of taste in harmony with home décors.

By performing scientific research, and combining the latest in technology into their creations, they succeeded in creating gym equipment that exceeded their customer’s performance standards.

Experience the Technogym World of Wellness

Technogym has been chosen as the official supplier for athletic training at six of the last Olympics. Their brand is well-known to most amateur and professional athletes around the globe. They have stores in Milan, Moscow and New York. They continue to release new products that improve training methods for athletes at home and in public gyms.

Their emphasis on using the latest in technology has increased awareness of how different exercises affects the body in different ways. This has led to more of a focus on using training to reach one’s goals.

Euro Creations has been able to bring their Technogym wellness equipment to Thailand. You can experience the Technogym world of wellness at Euro Creations Gallery at Thonglor and Technogym Showroom Ekkamai.