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Molteni&C Wardrobes Exemplify Design & Function

Molteni&C wardrobes offer the perfect solution for both residential and commercial projects. With a wide variety of finishes, features and design details, Molteni wardrobes can meet almost any design challenge. Whilst what you see is important, it’s what you do not see that sets this collection apart. Optimal wardrobe systems can all be customised, making for a perfect solution for projects or personal spaces. Since 1934, Molteni wardrobes have been one of the principal Italian industrial groups in the furniture sector. Molteni incorporates wisdom gained from a long artisanal tradition and an innovative technological quality that is practical without being ostentatious.

Molteni&C Gliss Master Bamboo

Molteni&C Gliss Master Bamboo

Molteni&C Gliss Master Bamboo

Molteni&C Gliss Master Bamboo white


“Bamboo”, the Molteni&C range of wardrobes is enriched with a door covered in Eco Skin in the five colours. As well as constant research into materials and machining processes. It recalls the use of bamboo as a coating for surfaces. All framed by a slim pewter colour or bronze profile.

Product Category
Molteni&C Gliss Master Island
Molteni&C Aircub

Product Category


Molteni&C, always at the forefront of day and night-time system designs, has extended the possibilities for Gliss Master, redefining the architectural concept of the night-time area.

Walk-in closets

Gliss Master Island is a central island unit, a freestanding element that completes the wardrobe area of a walk-in closet or closet area. Storage trays and elegant shelves finished in Eco Skin are just some of the distinctive elements.


A Molteni&C exclusive, Aircub is an IOT device easily manageable from your smartphone with a dedicated APP. The air purification and perfuming system works by ionizing and ozonizing wardrobe interiors, thereby removing up to 95% of agents harmful to health, while releasing delicate fragrances.


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