The Kitchen has evolved so much from a design and style perspective that designs from just a decade ago look so different from the kitchens of today. There is no reason that the humble kitchen should not receive the attention that the living room or the bedroom does.

Kitchen furniture in Thailand is never going to be the same again.

At Euro Creations, we have trusted Italian brands that bring style, simplicity and functionality to any kitchen space. The Italian brands that have been refining luxury kitchen design in Thailand and across the world are Dada and Schiffini.



Founded in 1927 by Angelo Garavaglia, Dada started out as a small woodworking workshop in Italy. In the 1950s, Garvaglia’s eldest sons joined the business and the name ‘Angelo Garavaglia and Sons’ started to gain popularity for their ranges of closets and kitchens.

The Garavaglia’s become very well known for building the first industrial warehouses for these products, establishing themselves as pioneers of modern kitchen and furniture design.

Gaetano Garavaglia established a new brand for the company in 1972 by creating Dada. The company immediately began to collaborate with great Italian designers of the 70s and focused completely on high-level kitchen furnishings.

1979 was a turning point for Dada and the group led by Luigi Molteni. Today Molteni & C and Dada are inseparable. Since then, Dada has been designing award-winning kitchens that have been appreciated for generations now.

The latest collaboration that will take Dada even further in the future is the partnership with Armani and the new Armani/Dada brand in the high-end kitchen sector. Dada will continue to provide new concepts that will bring luxury kitchen design in Thailand to a new space of innovation and purpose.



Enrico Schiffini Sr. opened the first workshop to provide wooden nautical fittings for the ships leaving the La Spezia Navy Dockyard. Little did he know that his humble workshop would grow into an important innovator of kitchen design.

Enrico’s son Giuseppe Schiffini would begin the company down the path of kitchen manufacturing in 1950 since the navy dockyard was completely destroyed in World War 2. Carlo and Enrico Schiffini Jr. would modernise the company and take it even further from 1963 onwards.

Schiffini’s greatest works would be in the design of modular kitchens and the use of wood. Collaborating with architects like Vico Magistretti and other experimental designers would result in radical new designs for kitchens.

Over the last few decades, the stable of designers, collaborators and visionaries have only increased the profile of Schiffini’s modular kitchens. You can purchase Schiffini’s practical luxury kitchen designs in Thailand at Euro Creations.