Natuzzi Italia Boundless Sophistication


4 July, 2023

Discover Natuzzi Italia and elevate your living space to new heights of comfort and style.

Experience the exceptional craftsmanship and impeccable design of sofas, meticulously created to provide outstanding comfort and timeless beauty. Each piece reflects the refinement of Italian artistry, with exquisite details that add a touch of sophistication to any living area. Unleash your sense of luxury and immerse yourself in the world of Natuzzi Italia sofas.

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Natuzzi Italia Botanic sofa mood board

Harmony Botanical

Taking its cues from forms found in Nature as its name suggests, Botanic puts a new spin on the stylish design of the '50s - those sleek lines and that cohesive approach which refashioned the aesthetics of home design - and turns it into a compact pared-back project, ideal for home interiors or inviting public rooms.

Botanic Sofa 140,170 THB/piece
Mercurio Center Table 20,330 THB/piece
Bracque Ottoman 21,400 THB/piece
Total Price 181,900 THB
Natuzzi Italia Balance sofa mood board

The Perfect Balance

The perfect Balance between fine Italian craftsmanship and hi-tech comfort. Balance will play a starring role in any setting or living space with its linear shape and that visual comfort.

Balance Two-seater Sofa with Electric Motion 241,840 THB/piece
Chocolat Center Table 44,940 THB/piece
Cabaret Side Table 20,330 THB/piece
Total Price 307,110 THB
Natuzzi Italia Adam sofa mood board

Unwind in Style

Like the first inhabitant of that ancestral pristine Earth, Adam is the name of the sofa that Natuzzi Italia has created in collaboration with the Marcel Wanders studio. A new interpretation of the iconic Natuzzi Italia style, enhanced to make it into an archetype for its later evolutions. Its shapes recall our restful Mediterranean countryside.

Adam Two-Seater Sofa 269,640 THB/piece
Cava Center Table 35,310 THB/piece
Total Price 355,240 THB
Natuzzi Italia Eufolia sofa


Eufolia is a modular seating system which, with its elegant and minimal design, evokes the lightness of one of the most characteristic elements of the Apulian landscape: the olive leaf. A surprising interpretation of the new suggestions and needs of contemporary living which require a different way of thinking about the proportions between objects.

Eufolia L-Shape Sofa 257,870 THB/piece
Chocolat Center Table 75,040 THB/piece
Chocolat Accent Table 42,800 THB/piece
Total Price 375,710 THB

Natuzzi Italia Wave sofa

A Vintage Charm

The cocooning Wave sofa is among the main pieces in the collection, thanks to its shapes resembling the movement of the sea waves and the enveloping curves of the backrest and cushions creating an inviting, intimate space. Wave is refined and elegant, thanks to its raised base and the matte metal legs in light gold to increase its vintage charm.

Wave Three-seater Sofa Leather 226,840 THB/piece
Voyage Magazine Holder and Wave Pouf 82,390 THB/piece
Vortex Rug 69,550 THB/piece
Total Price 378,780 THB

Natuzzi Italia Iago sofa mood board

The Ultimate comfort

Philo is a sofa with a unique style: a modern and elegant design that combines precision and comfort. With its signature quilting - an instantly recognisable sign of fine Natuzzi craftsmanship - and unmistakeable design, Philo immediately conveys a sense of hospitality and comfort.

Philo Two-Seater Sofa with 2 Electric Motion 318,720 THB/piece
Labirinto Rectangular Center Table 87,740 THB/piece
Oblique Floor Lamp 31,030 THB/piece
Total Price 437,490 THB
Natuzzi Italia Iago sofa mood board

Escape to comfort

A theatrical name for a sofa with considerable visual impact. The superlative artisanal workmanship, as evidenced by the beautifully handcrafted "pinched" stitchings frames the padded parts - with a combination of polyurethane and Memory Foam - bringing the beauty of the coverings to the fore.

lago Two-Seater Sofa with Electric Recliner Leather 368,080 THB/piece
Cava Center Table 64,200 THB/piece
Platea Armchair 88,810 THB/piece
Doris Accent Table 29,296 THB/piece
Total Price 550,386 THB
Natuzzi Italia Seagull sofa

Visual Comfort

With its distinctive folded-over armrests ready to spread out like a pair of wings, Seagull is a tribute to the visual comfort that marked Natuzzi style in the '80s and '90s. Its open base design will not go unnoticed giving a fresh and original look to the rooms that it will decorate.

Seagull Two-seater Sofa with Electric Motion 359,520 THB/piece
Saturday Center Table 79,900 THB/piece
Saturday Accent Table 47,080 THB/piece
Colosseo Floor Lamp 71,048 THB/piece
Total Price 552,548 THB

Natuzzi Italia Balance sofa mood board

Savor the Elegance

The perfect Balance between fine Italian craftsmanship and hi-tech comfort. Balance will play a starring role in any setting or living space with its linear shape and that visual comfort.

Balance L-Shape Sofa with 1 Electric Motion 280,340 THB/piece
Cava Center Table 58,850 THB/piece
Cava Side Table 44,940 THB/piece
Penelope Armchair 118,770 THB/piece
Colosseo Floor Lamp 71,048 THB/piece
Total Price 573,948 THB

Natuzzi Italia Herman sofa mood board

The Endless Versatility

The Herman sofa is a harmonious and highly modular seating system that can be combined in various configurations adding dynamism and originality to the living area. Reminiscent of a fish tail, the external metal support that embraces and clasps the backrest and seat is a standout feature on this piece.

Herman L-Shape Sofa with 426,930 THB/piece
Herman Square Center Table 163,710 THB/piece
Herman Accent Table 25,680 THB/piece
Total Price 616,320 THB
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