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Imagine FLOS lights in a living room

27 June, 2022

In the core environment of the home – living room, light is a material that can express the unexpected and illuminate surprising emotions.

Here at Flos, we recommend first analysing the amount of natural light that your living room gets at different times of the day.

We like to imagine Flos lights in a living room where it is not the absence of what is not there that stands out but the power of what remains. When looking for living room lighting, find your inspiration by experimenting with the parts of your living room lighting design that you want to emphasise: whether it’s just a corner or the entire room, what matters most is finding the right balance between those few, special design elements.

With years of experience in interior design, our experts are here to recommend Flos light to the perfect look and feel of your home

Consult our product specialists at Euro Creations Flagship Gallery, Thonglor.

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Flos_Arco floor lamp

Arco Floor Lamp

The sturdy frame of a floor lamp and the smooth, domed shade of a hanging pendant, Arco brings grace and functionality to the home.

Flos Arrangments
Flos Arrangments

Arrangements Pendant Lamp

The beautiful Arrangements pendant was inspired by the parallels between lighting and jewelry

Flos Taccis table lamp

Taccia Table Lamp

Despite being designed back in 1962, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni’s Taccia Table Lamp remains remarkably modern.

FLOS 265 wall lamp

265 Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Seeming to defy gravity, the Mod 265 wall lamp by designer Paolo Rizzatto is in a category all its own. Multi-angle rotatable head and long, adjustable swing arm wall lamp.

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