Rolf Benz

333 JOLA Sectional sofa with 5 cushions

THB 467,590

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Light seat depths, lounge-like upholstery, abundant style – Rolf Benz JOLA encourages relaxed communication with its versatile, international flair. Available as a floating single and sectional sofa with slimline arm and back structures, it impresses the eye with its lightness and dimensions
that offer a wealth of planning possibilities. The carefully thought-out feel-good concept ensures enormous flexibility even at the layout planning stage.


product dimension

Sofa: W411 D106-175 H63 cm.
Cush. RUK 333/100 (x2): W100 D23 H46 cm.
Cush. RUK 333/80 (x3): W80 D23 H46 cm.
Cush. RUK-MA 333/60 (x1) : W60 D13 H58 cm.​
Cush. N-RUK 333/66X40 (x1) : W66 D12 H40 cm.
Cush. POK 333/40X40 (x3) : W40 D13 H40 cm.


product material

Sofa : Fabric 17.046 (Beige Grey)​
RUK 333/100 (x2) / RUK 333/80 (x3)​: Fab 17.046
RUK-MA 333/60 (x1) : Fab 17.406 (Copper brown)
N-RUK 333/66X40 (x1) : Fab 22.046 (Platinum Grey) ​
POK 333/40X40 : Fab 17.406 (x1) / Fab 22.046 (x1) / Fab 17.401 (x1) Umbra grey RAL7022

Designer name

Rolf Benz Designteam

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