Rolf Benz

385 YUNA L Shape Sofa with recline function with 7 cushions

THB 547,840

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Rolf Benz YUNA is always a good choice. Sit back and enjoy limitless comfort. With its adjustable backrest cushions, you can choose how much you want to relax. Want to shift down a gear? Then simply fold up the backrest cushion and sink into the extra-high, infinitely adjustable backrest. Whichever position you choose, Rolf Benz YUNA always has your back.


product dimension



product material

Sofa: Fab 17.355 (Pale brown)
KI385 60X60: Fab 17.355 (x1)
KI385 63X36: Fab 24.515 (olive brown)x1
POK385 40X40: Fab 24.515 (x1) / Fab 17.355 (x1) / Fab 17.354 (Signal Brown)(x1)
POK-L385 54X27: Fab 17.353 (black grey)x1
RUK-MA950/60: Fab 17.353 (x1) Foot : Traffic black (RAL 9017)
Frame : Leather in 38.109 (dark grey blue)

Designer name

Birgit Hoffmann, Christoph Kahleyss

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