Natuzzi Italia

Riflesso Carpet

THB 51,039

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100% viscose rug, hand-knotted on a loom using
the “Cut and Loop” technique where the strands
are knotted and then trimmed unevenly. Viscose
is an artificial fibre which emulates the shine and
soft velvety feel of natural silk. Its shimmering and
delicate effect enhances the shine and shades of
the rug in an uneven way, creating a more aged
look. It does not tear or crease easily and can be
manipulated with ease, as well as having a high
humidity absorbency level. Shedding is frequent,
particularly in the initial period of use, due to the
hand-worked knotting of the fabric.


W170xD240 cm.


product material


Composition :
100% Viscose

Designer name

Natuzzi Design Center

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