Inspire Your Bathroom Design with Gessi Luxury Bathroom Furniture and Fittings

Give your bathroom an update by designing a luxury bathroom renovation around the Gessi bathroom furniture and fittings. You can browse among these quality fittings and furniture at Euro Creations Gallery at Thonglor.

Gessi is the designer manufacturer that has been creating exclusive, bathroom and kitchen fittings and furnishings for over 30 years. Today, the brand is acknowledged around the world for its fashionable, luxury bathroom designs. These designs serve to enhance all types of living environments, including hotels, spas, yachts and private residences.

Gessi creates “total-look” designer creations ranging from brassware to advanced function shower systems, electronically operated taps, accessories, ceramics, baths and shower trays. The company has created an entirely new style of quality living through the use of an innovative, elegant, and yet natural design philosophy.











Utilizing the Beauty of Nature and Simple Forms

Gessi utilizes the rich burnished patina of brass and metal finishes and offsets them with modern, elegant designs. This makes all their fittings and furniture stand out as well-conceived design pieces that create an impact in any setting imaginable.

The beautiful and brilliantly simple, but stylistic designs and forms inherent in all of Gessi’s designs serve to feature the material’s organic and natural qualities. It frames them within a functional form that brings elegance to the bathroom. The designs celebrate the natural world and incorporate it into your decor to enhance the look of any bathroom, modern or traditional.

Their shower systems are both modern and yet somehow timeless. Featuring geometric shapes out of which flow the natural forms of water, these fixtures are often surrounded by stone, tile and ceramics which continue the effect of nature brought indoors to elegantly serve the modern world.

These shower systems are modern and well-designed as well. Fitting into nearly every existing decor, they provide the functionality of a ‘rain-shower’-type shower fitting or a ‘waterfall’ wall-mounted type fitting with Gessi’s trademark design aesthetic.

The timeless quality serves modern and traditional decor equally well in providing a dash of style and elegance that ties the decor together.

Make a Statement with Your Bathroom

The wealth of designs, materials and functionalities of the range of Gessi bathroom furniture and fittings means that you’re free to experiment with pairing the old with the new and the classic with the modern. By creating your bathroom decor around the Gessi design philosophy, you’re free to create an impact with your bathroom.

Thailand is well-known for blurring the distinction between an indoor and outdoor space to present them both as two halves of a whole. In this regard, Gessi’s range of products fits well with the overall Thai concept of design as part of the natural world.

View All the Collections of Gessi Products

Gessi offers the collections of bathroom furniture and fittings for discerning decorators and designers. To view them all, drop in to Euro Creations Gallery at Thonglor and get inspired to make a statement by creating the bathroom of your dreams.