Rolf Benz

552 MIO Sectional Sofa with 9 cushions

THB 629,160

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The luxurious and spacious seat surface and the soft appearance of Rolf Benz MIO generate a desire to be seated and are the perfect invitation to relax and lounge around. The high quality of the materials, the superblycrafted seat structure and the loving, flawless finish make the seats an incomparable overall experience that is a joy to the senses. Rolf Benz MIO is elegance that you simply cannot escape.


product dimension

Sofa : W408 D295 H68 cm. (Seat height 40 cm.)
BI-RUK-RO 552 : W80 D10 H68 cm.
BI-RUK 552/60X60 : W60 D10 H60 cm.
BI-RUK-MA 552 : W91 D10 H63 cm.
BI-POK 552 : W40 D10 H40 cm.


product material

Sofa : Fabric in 17.302 (Grey Beige)
BI-RUK-RO 552 : x1 Fabric in 17.302
BI-RUK 552/60X60 : x2 Fabric in 17.302 / x1 Fabric in 17.403
BI-RUK-MA 552 : x1 Fabric in 17.403
BI-POK 552 : x2 in 17.302/ x1 in 17.403/ x1 in 18.221

Designer name

Beck Design

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